What They're Saying: San Diego County, Nonprofits, Humane Society Join Opposition to AB 1250

Friday, September 15, 2017

SACRAMENTO – More than 300-plus organizations, cities, counties and nonprofits have added their names to a burgeoning list opposing Assembly Bill 1250. Joining the list are the County of San Diego, San Diego Center for Children, San Diego Youth Services, San Diego Humane Society, San Diego Nonprofit Association, and North County Lifeline.

AB 1250 would make it extremely difficult for county governments to partner with the nonprofit and private sectors to provide essential services at a lower cost to California’s most vulnerable.

County of San Diego: “… the bill would severely limit the County’s ability to contract for services by imposing unnecessary and costly standards.”

San Diego Center for Children, a nonprofit that provides services for children and families struggling with mental, emotional and behavioral disorders: “… the bill will create enormous barriers for counties to contract with community-based organizations for essential foster care and children’s mental health services at the expense of the most vulnerable.”

San Diego Youth Services, which has provided services to approximately 35,000 youth and their families for nearly 50 years: “AB 1250 poses a serious threat to our youth’s ability to access these services as it would be extremely difficult and much more costly for the County to attempt to replicate these services.”

San Diego Humane Society, San Diego’s oldest nonprofit: “AB 1250’s provisions are far too onerous …” and “… reduce services to vulnerable members of the communities…”

San Diego Nonprofit Association: “… it would critically impact access to services for many of San Diego county’s most vulnerable residents and their communities that rely on nonprofit, community based services for vital support and assistance.”

North County Lifeline: “… threatens long standing working relationships between community-based organizations and San Diego County that have been serving San Diego communities …”

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