Where are the Jobs? End-of-Session Scorecard: Despite Promise to Focus on Jobs, Democrats Pass Job-killer Bills Instead

Saturday, September 10, 2011

California Legislative Democrat leaders recently declared that they would devote the last three weeks of this session to job creation.

"Despite a promise to focus on jobs, legislative Democrats passed several job-killer bills instead," said Senate Republican Leader Bob Dutton (Rancho Cucamonga). "Actions speak louder than words."

Following is a sampling of the job-killer bills Democrats passed in the last two weeks of the 2011 legislative session:

Assembly Bill 22 (Mendoza-D) makes it illegal for most employers to run a credit check on current or prospective employees, unless the information in the report is "substantially job-related," and for a managerial position. By unreasonably restricting the ability of employers to utilize consumer credit reports when making employment-related decisions, AB 22 will be an added impediment to hiring in California.

Assembly Bill 183 (Ma-D) would prohibit the sale of alcoholic beverages through self-service checkout systems. The bill is touted as an effort to reduce the under-age consumption of alcoholic beverages, but it's a needless intrusion by state government attempting to dictate business practices.

Assembly Bill 514 (Hernandez-D) will force schools and local governments to pay the prevailing wage to contractors hauling recyclable debris - including dirt, concrete and asphalt - away from construction projects and other job sites. This bill will change the pay rates for waste hauling that have not been factored into existing contracts schools and local governments entered into for waste hauling, costing these public agencies additional, unbudgeted money.

Assembly Bill 559 (Swanson-D) exempts many civil actions brought pursuant to any provision of the Fair Employment and Housing Act from the statute that provides discretion to judges to determine costs, if the prevailing party recovers a judgment that could have been rendered in a limited civil case, where recovered damages were under $25,000.

Assembly Bill 1319 (Butler-D) will ban the manufacture, distribution and sale of an entire class of products designed to feed infants and young children. Specifically, the bill outlaws food and beverage bottles and cups containing bisphenol A (BPA), a compound that's used to soften otherwise brittle plastic products.

Assembly Bill 1086 (Wieckowski-D) would allow the Legislature to authorize Alameda County to put a tax increase on the 2012 ballot which would bring the local sales and use tax over the statutory limit of two percent, bringing the total to over 10 percent for taxpayers in that region. The taxpayer advocacy group CalTax states that if this bill is signed into law, California will have the highest combined tax rate in the nation.

California's unemployment rate remains at 12 percent - the second highest in the country and 30 percent higher than the national average. California should be leading the U.S. economy out of the recession. Instead, legislative Democrats in the majority are holding back the national recovery by passing legislation that kills jobs in California.

"It's unacceptable that more than two million Californians still can't find a job," said Dutton. "Republicans will continue to push for a comprehensive, bipartisan jobs package that retains and grows California jobs.".

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