Facebook Settlement Payout 2024 – Date Check status

The Facebook settlement payout has been an issue of significant interest including the class-action lawsuit where Meta, Facebook’s parent company, agreed to a $725 million settlement over privacy violations. 

Background of the Facebook Settlement

Overview of the Class-Action Lawsuit: The unapproved and unauthorized sharing of user’s personal information caused the lawsuit. Plaintiffs argued that this practice violated users’ privacy rights and demanded compensation for the affected users.

Legal proceedings and approval of the settlement: Before a settlement agreement was reached, the matter went through multiple court hearings. The important dates and court rulings are essential to comprehending the lawsuit’s development.

  • Initiation of the Lawsuit
    • The lawsuit took place in response to privacy breaches by Facebook.
    • Key plaintiffs included Facebook users and privacy defended those who were affected by the data-sharing practices.  
  • Appeals and Court Approvals 
    • Important judicial proceedings in 2023 and 2024 resulted in the approval of the settlement in its entirety. 
    • The compensation procedure is being delayed since some appeals are still pending even after they were approved.

Eligibility Criteria

Who is eligible?: The  facebook users in the U.S. who were active between May 24 2004 to December 22 2022 can apply for compensation. Users must have filed their claims by the deadline to be eligible for compensation.

Claim Submission Deadline: It is essential to be aware of the submission deadlines to ensure eligibility. Missing the deadline will result in rejection of claims.

Claim Submission Process

How to Submit a Claim: Users can submit their claims through the settlement website by  filling out the required details and submitting the form online.

Required Information: To complete the submission the user needs to provide specific information during the eligibility period.

  • Online Submission
    • Visit the settlement website and follow the provided instructions to submit your claim.
    • Make sure all the details are carefully filled in.
  • Supporting Documents
    • Claimants must provide necessary documentation to support their claims.

Checking Your Claim Status

Online Status Check: Claimants can check their claim status online by visiting the settlement website and entering their claim ID. It is recommended to stay updated on the progress.

Contacting the Claims Administrator: If the claimant faces any issues with checking the status online, claimants can contact the claims administrator for assistance.

  • Website Instructions
    • Detailed instructions for checking claim status are available on the settlement website.
    • Ensure you have your claim ID and other relevant information ready.
  • Contact Information
    • Contact the administrator via email or phone for any issues or additional support.

Appeal Process for Rejected Claims

How to Appeal: Applicants have ten days to seek an appeal once a claim is denied. It is imperative that you adhere to the guidelines on the settlement website or in the refusal notice.

Deadline for Appeals: The appeal process must be completed within the specified timeframe to be considered valid.

  • Filing an Appeal
    • Detailed instructions for filing an appeal are available on the settlement website.
  • Documentation for Appeals
    • Provide all required evidence to strengthen your appeal. This may include additional proof of Facebook usage or other relevant documents.

Settlement Amount Distribution

How the Settlement Amount is Calculated: The payout is done based on several factors, including the duration of Facebook usage during the eligibility period and administrative deductions.

Estimated Payouts: The average payout is expected to be around $30 per valid claim. However, this amount may vary depending on the total number of valid claims and other factors.

Total Settlement Amount$725 million
Average Payout$30 per valid claim
Administrative DeductionsCosts subtracted before distribution
Calculation MethodPoints assigned based on usage duration
Payment MethodsPayPal, physical check, etc.
  • Calculation Method
    • Points are assigned based on the duration of Facebook usage, which affects the final payout amount.
  • Payment Methods
    • Payment options include PayPal, physical checks, and other methods specified during the claim submission process.

Payout Approval and Timeline

Court Approval Status: The final approval for the settlement was granted, but ongoing appeals have delayed the distribution of payments.

Expected Payment Dates: The timeline for payment distribution depends on the resolution of the appeals. Payments are expected to commence once all appeals are resolved.

Final ApprovalGranted in October 2023
Payment DistributionExpected after resolution of appeals
Current StatusOngoing appeals causing delays

  • Recent Updates
    • Regular updates on the payment status are available on the settlement website.
  • Delays and Appeals
    • The ongoing appeals have caused delays in the payment schedule. The resolution of these appeals is necessary for the distribution of funds.


How do I know if my claim was accepted?

 To check if your claim was accepted, visit the settlement website and enter your claim ID and confirmation code.

What should I do if my claim is rejected?

If your claim is rejected, you have 10 days to file an appeal. Follow the instructions provided in your rejection notice or visit the settlement website.

When will I receive my settlement payment?

Payments are expected to begin once all appeals are resolved. Monitor the settlement website for updates on the payment schedule.

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