Common Sense for California

Common Sense Priorities

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Championed Making California Affordable

  • California has become one of the most expensive places in the United States to live
  • Senate Republicans are committed to making California affordable
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Stood Up For Jobs And A Strong Economy

  • Senate Republicans fought to ensure opportunity for working Californians
  • Senate Republicans want to be sure we get the new economy right
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Californians Deserved A Better Budget

  • Responsibly spending taxpayer money should be the top budget priority
  • Senate Republicans support bipartisan ideas to save for a rainy day and invest in K-12 education
  • Senate Republicans advocated for increased higher education funding
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Fought To Keep Our Communities Safe

  • Reforms are needed to combat crime spikes
  • Senate Republicans worked to protect our communities from drug trafficking
  • Senate Republicans advocated to keep a dangerous felon behind bars
  • Senate Republicans set the record straight that even more gun control does not make our communities safer
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Made The Case To Get California Moving Again

  • The state‚Äôs transportation system is crumbling and Californians are paying the price
  • Senate Republicans united to jumpstart state investment in transportation projects without raising taxes
  • Senate Republicans believe it is time to address this crisis
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Kept Our Promises To Those With The Greatest Needs

  • Senate Republicans fought for long overdue funding for the developmentally disabled
  • Senate Republicans urged the state to fix Medi-Cal before embarking on massive new spending commitments through program expansions