Let's Fix Health Care, Not Create a Government-Run Monopoly

Let's Fix Healthcare, Not Create a Government-Run Monopoly

On June 1st, California Senate Democrats passed SB 562 (government-run health care), which moved that bill to the Assembly for consideration  

Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon has decided to hold SB 562 “in the Assembly Rules Committee until further notice,” but went on to say, “Because this is the first year of a two-year session, this action does not mean SB 562 is dead.”

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Speaker Rendon also called SB 562 “woefully incomplete” in a prepared statement released by his office.  California State Senate Republicans agree. Below are some of the additional flaws contained in this government-run health care proposal:

economy iconSB 562 carries a price tag of at least $400 billion – more than double our entire state budget.

economy iconSB 562 will need to raise $200 billion in taxes. One of them could be a massive tax hike of 15% more out of every Californian’s paycheck!

presentation iconSB 562 replaces your current health care coverage with a government-run monopoly. Monopolies stop competition, end choices for consumers and stifle life-saving innovations.

group iconSB 562 establishes government-run health care for all Californians. This means politicized government appointees and bureaucrats will make your health care decisions and determine your coverage, not you and your doctor.

exit door iconSB 562 threatens health care quality in California through a government-run system that encourages doctors to practice in other states by cutting their pay.

thumbs down iconProposals like SB 562 have already failed in Vermont and Colorado.


In The News

It is no surprise that SB 562 is receiving very bad reviews. Below are some of those:

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What's Next?

As Senate Republican Leader Patricia Bates said, SB 562 should be vetoed if it reaches the governor’s desk.

Instead of SB 562, the Legislature should focus on real solutions that reduce health care costs and insurance premiums, and improve care for all Californians.