Leading Our Economy Forward Legislation

Leading Our Economy Forward

Making California More Affordable

SB 1103 (Cannella) – Renters’ Tax Credit: Increases Renters’ Tax Credit and reduces the tax payments of Californians who rent their homes.

SB 1104 (Stone)Property Tax Relief for Senior and Disabled Veterans: Eliminates the property tax inflation factor for senior and disabled military veterans.

SB 1126 (Stone) – Property Tax Relief for Senior Citizens: Eliminates the property tax inflation factor for senior citizens.

SB 1148 (Stone) – Tax Deductions for College Expenses: Provides a state tax deduction for educational expenses associated with attending a public four-year university or community college, including books, school supplies, and tuition.

SB 1149 (Stone) – Helping Californians Save: Authorizes the creation of new state individual homeownership savings accounts, to incentivize potential first-time homebuyers to save towards a down payment.

SB 1183 (Bates) – Property Tax Exemption for 100% Disabled Veterans and Spouses: Provides a full property tax exemption to 100% disabled veterans and their spouses on a primary residence.

SB 1210 (Gaines) – School Supplies Tax Credit: Establishes a Sales and Use Tax “Holiday” for school supplies purchased during two days in August.

SB 1361 (Nielsen) – Helping Californians Get Back to Work with Vision Care: Restores Medi-Cal coverage for one pair of eyeglasses every other year for Californians who fail the DMV vision test. Californians cannot drive to work – or drive for work – if they fail this DMV requirement. SB 1361 provides a basic necessity that will enable Californians to get back to work and safely fulfill their job duties.  

SB 1373 (Stone) – Helping Working Californians with Transportation Costs: Provides a standard allowance of $100 for transportation costs to CalWORKs welfare-to-work participants at the beginning of each month. Also provides $500 for books and supplies to CalWORKS welfare-to-work participants who are full-time postsecondary students and $250 to part-time students, to be paid at least 15 days before the start of the semester. Adults in California may receive a total of 24 months of Welfare-to-Work services and activities to assist them in obtaining employment.

SB 1437 (Moorlach) – Education Savings Accounts Tax Deduction: Allows families with incomes of 250 percent above the Reduced Price Lunch Program guidelines or less to take a $2,500 above-the-line deduction from their gross income for K-12 educational expenses.

SB 1458 (Bates) – Disabled Veterans Property Tax Exemption: Makes California law consistent with federal law so that any military veteran receiving service-connected disability compensation benefits at 100 percent will be eligible to receive the state's disabled veterans' property tax exemption on their home.

Holding State Government Accountable

SB 1136 (Morrell) – Bringing Transparency to Fire Fee Spending: Requires CAL FIRE to report more detailed information on how it spends State Responsibility Area fire fee revenue by imposing more specific reporting requirements and extending the sunset date for those requirements.  

SB 1140 (Moorlach) – Reforming State Regulations: Allows the Legislature to ratify final regulations that are required by legislation and are promulgated by the Office of Administrative Law by sunsetting the enabling statutes after two years.

 SB 1142 (Moorlach) – Reforming the Americans with Disabilities Act: Provides an unqualified and simple “right-to-cure” process for those sued under the federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) or California’s Construction-Related Accessibility Standards Compliance Act (CRAS). Provides that where statutes and regulations conflict between the state and federal laws, that the federal law is supreme.

SB 1251 (Moorlach) –Transparency in State Budgeting: Requires the state to identify specific key budget and fiscal numbers on a single website and ballot statements and show how they correspond with state debts and unfunded liabilities.  

SB 1268 (Nielsen) – Saving Taxpayer Money Through Competitive Bidding: Requires all procurements for CAL FIRE emergency equipment rentals to be competitively bid. Currently, CAL FIRE'S rental equipment procurement is done through a system wherein CAL FIRE unilaterally sets the rental rates and uses numerous rotating vendor lists to select which vendors are utilized.

SB 1347 (Nielsen) – Capping Use of Fire Fee Money on Administrative Spending: Increases oversight and efficiency relating to the Fire Fee by capping the amount that can be spent on administration to 5 percent annually.

SCA 3 (Morrell) – Keeping the Legislature Accountable: Requires the state budget to be posted on a publically available Internet website for three days before the Legislature can vote on it. 

SCA 12 (Runner) – UC Admissions Disclosure Act: Reiterates the primary purpose and obligation of the University of California to serve the students of California and requires each UC undergraduate campus to disclose a profile of the incoming freshman class on its website, including a uniform analysis of in-state, out-of-state, and international students.  It also prevents the University of California from admitting out-of-state international students who as a group have lower grades or standardized test scores than California freshman admitted to the same school.

More Solutions to Move Our Economy Forward

SB 969 (Nguyen) – Common Sense Food Safety: Allows traditional Vietnamese rice cakes to be sold year-round, provided that they are labeled with health precautions warning that the rice cake must be consumed within 48 hours.

SB 1155 (Morrell) – Helping Veterans Succeed in the Workforce: Removes a barrier for military veterans seeking work in California and encourages immediate entrance into the civilian workforce by waiving the application and initial license fees paid to the state in order to receive an occupational license.

SB 1228 (Runner) – California Small Business Regulatory Fairness Act: Provides regulatory relief for small businesses by requiring California state agencies to assist in regulatory compliance and adopt permit waivers or penalty reductions based upon principles of equity and fairness.

SB 1256 (Anderson) – Civility in Litigation Act: Requires an individual claiming harm by an alleged unlawful act to send a letter to the individual or entity said to have caused that harm and lay out the facts supporting their complaint prior to filing a legal action or pursuing legally binding alternative dispute resolution.

SB 1272 (Runner) – Encouraging Payroll-Based Savings: Establishes a “Qualified Savings Plan” program to encourage small businesses and their employees to participate in payroll-based savings, and provides a partial tax credit for matching amounts contributed by a business to an employee’s savings account.

SB 1348 (Cannella) – Connecting Veterans with Jobs: Ensures veterans receive notification in writing that their military experience and training may apply toward fulfilling some occupational licensure requirements. Nine of the Department of Consumer Affairs licensing boards authorize the acceptance of military experience or education towards licensure.

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