No On AB 1250

No On AB 1250

AB 1250 hurts our children and vulnerable members of our community by instituting a de facto ban on public/private partnerships at the county level.

AB 1250 limits our counties’ freedom to contract with nonprofits, licensed experts and community businesses for vital services. These organizations have contracted and provided efficient and compassionate care for decades to vulnerable residents.

AB 1250 is essentially a power grab from two of the largest unions in California.

AB 1250 could cut services for children, seniors, the developmentally disabled, victims of domestic abuse, people needing mental health services, people needing medical care at county hospitals, people needing HIV counseling, those fighting addictions and many other people just so unions can add workers to their payroll.

AB 1250 is also a devastating block to local governments’ ability to conserve taxpayer’s resources.

What is Being Said about AB 1250?

“… the bill would severely limit the County’s ability to contract for services by imposing unnecessary and costly standards.”
County of San Diego

“… the bill will create enormous barriers for counties to contract with community-based organizations for essential foster care and children’s mental health services at the expense of the most vulnerable.”
San Diego Center for Children

“AB 1250 poses a serious threat to our youth’s ability to access these services as it would be extremely difficult and much more costly for the County to attempt to replicate these services.”
- San Diego Youth Services

“AB 1250’s provisions are far too onerous …” and “… reduce services to vulnerable members of the communities…”
San Diego Humane Association

“… it would critically impact access to services for many of San Diego county’s most vulnerable residents and their communities that rely on nonprofit, community based services for vital support and assistance.”
- San Diego Nonprofit Association

“… threatens long standing working relationships between community-based organizations and San Diego County that have been serving San Diego communities …”
North County Lifeline

“…  we are alarmed at the onerous provisions of AB 1250.”
- LGBT Community Center of The Desert, Palm Springs; Los Angeles LGBT Center; The Source LGBT + Center, Visalia; LGBT Center OC; Sacramento LGBT Community Center; San Francisco LGBT Center; The LGBTQ Center of Long Beach; Pacific Center, Berkeley; San Joaquin Pride Center, Stockton

“It epitomizes the greed of California’s public employee labor groups and their tight grip on the state Legislature.”
Dan Borenstein, columnist and editorial writer, Bay Area News Group

“Amendments can’t fix AB 1250 because, at its core, this bill is a terrible idea.”
– Matt Cate, Executive Director, California State Association of Counties, Fox & Hounds

“Assembly Bill 1250 is bad policy no matter how you try to explain it.”
Modesto Bee Editorial Board, September 6, 2017

“…it remains fundamentally flawed. It epitomizes politics at its worst.”
San Jose Mercury News Editorial Board, September 6, 2017

“AB 1250 will be a step back for counties struggling to provide adequate basic services.”
San Jose Mercury News Editorial Board, July 24, 2017

“…is an ambiguous mess.”
San Jose Mercury News Editorial Board, April 21, 2017

“This is a pure political power play at the expense of essential services for our most vulnerable.”
Charles Huggins, CEO of Caminar for Mental Health, Op-ed in San Jose Mercury News, July 1, 2017

“… unintended consequences can have irreversible impacts, costing lives… “
- Op-Ed published in the East Bay Times by Dan Geiger, director of the Human Services Alliance of Contra Costa and Jane Fischberg, president and CEO of Rubicon Programs, a nonprofit serving Contra Costa and Alameda counties

“They rely on nonprofits like Clinica Sierra Vista to serve them, treat them and advocate on their behalf.”
Stephen Schilling, CEO of Clinica Sierra Vista

“…it’s close to an existential threat.”
- San Diego Union-Tribune Editorial

“The bill would severely limit the ability of counties to contract with community-based organizations, nonprofits and other groups to provide homeless shelters, mental health care and other services… “
- Santa Cruz Sentinel Editorial

“… its true motive is protecting unionized civil service jobs from private sector competition.”
- Dan Walters’ commentary in CalMatters

“This is government at its worst, with legislators being pushed into indefensible votes by powerful public employee unions that stand to benefit the most.”
– The Press Democrat Editorial

“There is widespread concern that the bill will reduce services to vulnerable members of communities while adversely impacting the nonprofits providing those services through contracts with counties.”
- AB 1250 opposition letter signed by more than 250 nonprofit agencies

"Bill benefits unions at expense of needy"
Senator Jeff Stone’s Op-Ed published in The Desert Sun

“… threatens to dismantle the care hospitals provide to patients who are covered through county-funded programs…” and “…paints a bleak future marked by huge gaps in service, along with increased taxpayer costs…”
President & CEO of the California Hospitals Association C. Duane Duaner in Capitol Weekly

“… could undermine public health care systems’ ability to provide accessible, high quality patient care to millions of our community residents.”
- President and CEO of the California Association of Public Hospitals and Health Systems Erica Murray

“strongly opposes AB 1250” citing “… devastating effect on local health, mental health, and human services.”
- Providence St. Joseph Health

“…political power play at the expense of essential services for our most vulnerable.”
–  Kern County Supervisor Leticia Perez and First 5 Association of California Executive Director Moira Kenney in the Sacramento Bee

“…threatens ability to protect at-risk youth, families in crisis”
– David & Margaret Youth and Family Services Executive Director Charles C. Rich in the Orange County Register

“…one of their worst legislative turkeys ever”
Fresno Bee Editorial

“…self-serving bill…”
Orange County Register Editorial

“AB 1250 would have a significant impact on Los Angeles County’s ability to contract out for services, especially in the areas of health, mental health, children’s services, public works services, and criminal justice programs.”
- County of Los Angeles Sacramento Legislative Office on behalf of Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors

“In the wake of realignment, sheriffs and counties have met with vigor the obligations that stem from housing more inmates for longer terms. AB 1250 will hurt the people and jails they are trying to serve; inmates and our communities at large.”
- Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell

“… the County would be forced to eliminate service delivery options and change existing countywide contracting processes.”
- County of Los Angeles Probation Department

“… this bill would impact various services that are essential to the County, such as emergency debris removal, vehicle, and equipment repair, and catch basin cleanout services.”
- County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works

“The delivery of human and social services would be significantly affected by AB 1250.”
- County of Los Angeles Workforce Development, Aging and Community Services

“… AB 1250 jeopardizes the delivery of vital services that many county residents depend on, including health and social services, public safety and other county services.”
- County of Los Angeles Department of Public Social Services

“AB 1250’s requirements would impact several hundred contracts that LACDPH relies upon to ensure culturally competent services to vulnerable populations for substance abuse treatment and prevention, HIV/AIDS and STD services …”
- County of Los Angeles Public Health

“... public labor unions are trying to get a bigger slice of the pie by prevailing on their friends in Sacramento to carry legislation that would severely limit the power of counties to contract out for services.”
- Los Angeles Times Editorial

“…bad for counties and for businesses”
- President & CEO of the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce Gary Toebben in Fox&Hounds

“The impacts of AB 1250 on Orange County are staggering…”
- Orange County Board of Supervisors opposition letter

"... will negatively impact our strategic plan to close the meal gap in Orange County by creating excessive barriers ..."
- Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County opposition letter

"AB 1250 will place at risk significant portions of our existing vital services which help protect vulnerable children and strengthen families to better care for their children."
- Orange County’s Child Abuse Prevention Council opposition letter