Overspending Surpasses $1 Billion with Budget 20 Days Late, as Democrats Delay Spending Reductions

Joint Statement from Republican Legislative Leaders
Tuesday, July 20, 2010

SACRAMENTO – Today California is 20 days into the new fiscal year without a budget plan in place. In 20 days the amount of overspending has now surpassed $1 billion dollars. Senate Republican Leader Dennis Hollingsworth and Assembly Republican Leader Martin Garrick released the following joint statement on the status of budget negotiations:

“The state’s overspending tab has now surpassed $1 billion with the budget 20 days late, as Democrats delay spending reductions. Each day that passes without a balanced budget in place California’s government spends $52.3 million more than it receives in revenues. Republicans are united behind a responsible plan to close a $19.1 billion deficit, while Democrats refuse to cut spending and continue to push for tax increases to fuel this unsustainable spending."