Senate GOP Responds to Governor's May Revise

Friday, May 14, 2010

SACRAMENTO - Senate Republicans issued the following responses today to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's release of his revised 2010-11 state budget:

Senate Republicans are committed to being a part of the solution toward a balanced budget. Our goal is an on-time and responsible budget. After years of delays, wishful thinking and bad budget choices are about to come to an end. The Governor's May Revise reflects this new reality. Senate Republicans applaud the Governor's courage in opposing new taxes and calling for spending reductions, which they see as necessary first steps to recovery.


Senate Republican Leader Dennis Hollingsworth (Murrieta):

"The Governor's may revise is bitter medicine in many ways. By wisely not raising taxes, the Governor is siding with the people by refusing to punish California's working families because of the legislature's dawdling which wasted more than $3 billion. The spending reductions are unfortunate but necessary to begin restoring our budget's fiscal health.

"The preservation of education, public safety and infrastructure priorities is important and that shows in this budget. Getting spending under control while not raising taxes further, if coupled with job creating proposals is the only way we will get our economy back on track and the budget back to health," stated Senator Hollingsworth.

Senate Republican Leader-elect and Budget Vice Chair Bob Dutton (Rancho Cucamonga):

"The 'May Miracle' many in this Legislature were hoping for didn't materialize. Accordingly the decisions we must make in the coming weeks are going to be even more difficult than if we had acted sooner. The state's fiscal problems are a direct result of the Legislature's failure to help the small business community of California that creates the bulk of jobs in the private sector. Until we get serious about job creation in the private sector, California's fiscal problems will continue. We won't restore California's economy by trying to tax our way out of our budget problems. It's time to focus on solutions that work," commented Senator Dutton.

Senate Republican Caucus Chairman Bob Huff (Diamond Bar):

"This lean budget proposal has something for everyone to hate, but you can't spend what you don't have. The sad thing is our current problem was also preventable. Republicans have been fighting for reasonable spending reductions for many years to fix our persistent budget structural imbalance. The Democrat majority clearly did not want to join us in that mission and we now have very few options," stated Senator Bob Huff.

Senator Roy Ashburn (Bakersfield):

"The state budget deficit is a reflection on California's economy - and our economy is sick. The problem is we are not creating enough jobs. It is time for government to get it right. That means controlling spending, reducing the burdens on business, and stimulating job growth to get people back to work," said Senator Ashburn.

Senator George Runner (Antelope Valley):

"The governor's plan does not create or raise taxes. That's good news for working Californians. The administration figured out that raising taxes is not the answer. For proof look no further at the effect last year's $13 billion tax increase had on California's economy: Revenues are down," commented Senator Runner.

Senator Tony Strickland (Thousand Oaks):

"Year after year, it's the same run-around with the state budget. If we want to get California back on track, then some serious reform needs to take place. We need to create a better business climate in California by lowering taxes, reducing regulations on California businesses, and creating more jobs," said Senator Strickland.

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