Senator Huff Agrees With Job Creation Push

Democrats Push To Increase Taxes Instead of Working Together to Create Jobs
Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Senator Bob Huff (R – Diamond Bar) today affirmed Governor Schwarzenegger’s request for a collaborative effort to take action on a job creating agenda.

“When the Governor called the Legislature into a special session to address the need for legislative action on our budget deficit and California’s 12.5 percent unemployment rate, he wanted to see bills that created jobs and stimulated the economy,” said Senator Bob Huff. “Senate Republicans responded by introducing a package of bills designed to promote jobs and send a message to business leaders that California is working to make our state more welcoming to job-creating businesses.”

The Democrat-controlled Legislature, however, closed the 8th Extraordinary Special Session last week on a party-line vote while approving only $60 million in programmatic spending reductions.

“Clearly, little was resolved to reduce the $20 billion deficit or to create jobs. While our jobs bills were heard in policy committees, none of them were passed out by Democrats who control the majority,” stated Huff.

Governor Schwarzenegger sent a letter this week to legislative leaders asking for legislation in an effort to stimulate California’s economy. Senator Huff introduced several bills in the 8th Extraordinary Session, all which are now unable to move forward in the special session. Senate Bill 8X 61 would have saved school districts essential funds, while SB 8X 65 would have lightened the regulatory burdens on job-creating businesses and SB 8X 69 would have protected small job-creating businesses over trial attorneys. SB 8X 69 was part of the Governor’s Jobs Initiative.

“Legislative Democrats need to make serious programmatic reductions to the state budget deficit and remove obstacles to job creation that will ultimately increase revenues,” Huff concluded. “Senate Republicans stand ready to have a serious examination of every expenditure and state regulation in order to find ways to stretch scarce tax dollars and create jobs.”