Democrats Close 8th Extraordinary Session: Walk Away From Budget Remedies

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Senate Republican Leader Dennis Hollingsworth (R-Murrieta) released the following statement today on the Democrats’ premature closure of the Special Legislative Session on the Budget Crisis:

"Five years ago, the people placed into the Constitution the requirement that the Legislature, upon the declaration by the governor, stop all other work in order to address a fiscal crisis. We’re definitely in a fiscal crisis, and the governor two months ago proposed spending reductions and solutions to the current budget that amounted to more than $8.9 billion. Yet, today the Democrats closed down the emergency session to deal with that crisis after only finding about $60 million in programmatic spending reductions, and less than a third of the solutions needed," stated Hollingsworth.

Hollingsworth said the Democrats don’t appear willing to make the hard choices in order to bring spending in line with revenues and balance the budget. "The Democrats’ action today, after papering over the deficit, adding more gimmicks, and continuing to spend more than we have, and then closing the emergency session the people demanded at the ballot box as the most efficient way to get the Legislature to concentrate on the deficit, is extremely irresponsible,” said Hollingsworth.

"It’s time the Democrat majority gets serious about fixing the spending problem and getting California back on track by removing the obstacles to job creation that will get Californians more jobs and the increase of revenues that will go along with that," further commented Hollingsworth.