Senate Republicans Vote in Support of Equal Pay for Equal Work for Women

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

SACRAMENTO – Senator Jeff Stone (R-Temecula) made the following speech on the Senate floor in support of Senate Bill 358 which calls for gender equality for women in the workforce. SB 358 passed today out of the Senate chambers with all 14 Senate Republicans voting in support of it.

Senator Stone has served 23 years in public service as a city councilmember and on the Riverside County Board of Supervisors. A proponent of equal pay for equal work, Senator Stone stated that he’s worked hard to close the income disparity between men and women citing his granddaughter and daughter are reasons for his advocacy.  

Senator Stone is the Vice-Chair of the Labor and Industrial Relations Committee.

“I have long been a strong advocate for equal pay for equal work for the 23 years I’ve been in government.”

“Witnessing the income disparities that have often come across my desk, disparities that I’ve tried to cure both in my role as a city councilmember, Board of Supervisors, and here in the State Senate.”

“In honor of my daughter who has just graduated from law school and passed the Bar, I want to make sure she receives the appropriate salary and income as her male counterparts as she embarks on her professional career.”

“This is a tough bill and we do have federal laws that prohibit such actions, but I can tell you the federal laws don’t just go far enough because we still see and witness income disparity.”

“I think it’s shameful in this country and in this state. And so it makes it a much easier vote here today to vote for income equality based on your skills, education, qualifications, and not necessarily on your gender.”