Senate Republicans Support Expanding Use of Sick Leave for Working Families

Thursday, June 4, 2015

SACRAMENTO – In a move to make it easier for working parents to balance the needs of their families with those of their jobs, Republican senators Janet Nguyen (R-Garden Grove) and Joel Anderson (R-Alpine) today spoke in support of Senate Bill 579 (D-Jackson), and urged their colleagues to support the measure. The bill passed on a 35-0 vote.

As passed, SB 579 expands protected leave under the Family School Partnership Act (FSPA) to include step and foster parents, and expands the conditions under which this leave may be taken to include finding a licensed childcare provider or school, enrolling or re-enrolling children in the school or with a childcare provider and/or to addressing a child care or school emergency.  It also aligns the existing “Kin Care” law with the provisions in the new Paid Sick Days law (AB 1522, 2014), which authorizes the use of sick leave to attend to any preventive care needs of the worker’s child, parent, spouse or domestic partner.

Sen. Nguyen’s floor speech:

“Unfortunately under current law parents may be forced to choose between their job and providing for the welfare and education of their child. This bill doesn’t increase the amount of time off parents are entitled to; it just says covering child care emergencies is an allowed use of an employer offered sick leave benefit under the existing law. Fundamentally, employers benefit when their employees are happy and not struggling to balance the needs of their family with job security.”

Sen. Anderson’s floor speech:

“I rise in support of this bill. I think it is very timely as parents will be searching for schools for their children or education opportunities, if they choose not to vaccinate. This will be very timely. Thank you to the author.”

SB 579 now passes to the Assembly for consideration.