Budget Deal is Close, But Senate Republican Leader Warns about Spending Too Much

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

SACRAMENTO – Today, the Los Angeles Times published a report stating that Democrats on the California Senate and Assembly Conference committee are close to reaching a budget deal without an agreement from Governor Brown. The budget deal allows the Legislature to vote on the final budget on Monday, June 15 which is the constitutional deadline.

Senate Republican Leader Bob Huff (R-San Dimas) issued the following statement in response to the budget deal:

“Senate Republicans want a responsible and balanced budget. We will continue to fight for California families because they deserve a responsible government. We must learn from our past mistakes and make sure we put surplus money into the rainy day fund, pay down the wall of debt, and invest one-time funds in infrastructure such as transportation, water, and school to keep California working and moving.”

“This budget deal negotiated by the legislative Democrats uses revenues projections that are higher than the Governor’s May revenue projection by $3.2 billion. This is a risky move. I am afraid legislative Democrats want to spend money that may not exist and that once again will push our state into budget deficits down the road.”

“Senate Republicans continue to press for a responsible, balanced budget. However, the ball is in the hands of the majority party in the Legislature, the Democrats. They can join the Governor and Senate Republicans to continue to rebuild the Golden State’s financial health or they can continue to spend money we do not have, which ultimately would put our state financial outlook at risk.”