In Case You Missed It: Senator Ted Gaines: "California's boondoggle of a healthcare bill needs to be stopped"

Thursday, June 8, 2017

SACRAMENTO – Paying more taxes, longer wait times to see a doctor, and likely losing your preferred doctor are only a few of the harsh negative consequences should the government-run health care proposal, Senate Bill 562, become reality in California. In this  op-ed published June 6, 2017 in the Record Searchlight, Senator Ted Gaines (R-El Dorado) discusses the reasons why SB 562 is not the remedy for fixing California’s health care system.

Excerpted Op-Ed:

… A bill making its way through the state Legislature could push tax rates up beyond imagination… SB 562 would set back California taxpayers $400 billion… This year’s general fund spending… is estimated around $124 billion…

SB 562 presents other problems for California healthcare. Our state suffers from a shortage of healthcare providers, particularly in rural and inner-city areas, a condition that would only be intensified by the provider rate caps in the bill.

SB 562 is an ill-advised plan with unpayable costs that would make California taxpayers sick.

Click here to read the full op-ed in the Record Searchlight.

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