In Case You Missed It: The Washington Times: "Ignoring single-payer siren song"

Friday, June 30, 2017

SACRAMENTO – In Canada, the United Kingdom, even here in the United States, attempts at government-run healthcare have failed miserably.  In this Op-Ed published in The Washington Times, Sally Pipes, president and CEO of the Pacific Research Institute, explains how “single-payer health care has failed spectacularly everywhere.”

Excerpted Op-Ed:

Government-run, single-payer health care is apparently back in vogue … Single-payer has failed spectacularly everywhere it has been tried. Patients subjected to such systems routinely wait months for care – if they’re able to receive it at all. And those delays can be deadly. … Single-payer has even failed patients stateside. The federal Veterans Health Administration has lurched from scandal to scandal – and America’s military heroes have paid the price … As of October 2016, some 38,000 veterans had been waiting for more than 125 days for a doctor’s appointment. … patients who value timely, high-quality care should hope that the wait for single-payer is permanent.

Click here to read the full Op-Ed in the Washington Times.