In Case You Missed It: Sen. Joel Anderson's Op-Ed: "Democrats in Sacramento Using Veterans as Pawns in Election Politics"

Monday, July 3, 2017

SACRAMENTO – Sacramento Democrats are using our veterans as political pawns.  In this Op-Ed published in the Times of San Diego, Senator Joel Anderson (R-Alpine) explains how Sacramento Democrats used a sneaky legislative move to help a sitting colleague who’s the subject of a recall.

Excerpted Op-Ed:

San Diegans are particularly aware of the incredible sacrifices that brave men and women have made to protect our freedoms. … it saddens me that I have to explain to my veteran friends and neighbors that Sacramento’s majority party used them as political pawns. … Senate Bill 96 is a trailer bill that passed the Senate on June 15 and may have been the most egregious abuse of them all. SB 96 contained elements that were important to our veterans. Those elements included the prioritization of disabled veterans for admission to veteran homes. In secret, leadership tucked into SB 96 last minute language that significantly changed the 110-year-old rules for recall elections in California. The changes were designed to benefit a sitting Democrat Senator from Orange County who is the target of a recall initiated by voters in his district over his support of the recently passed gas tax. … SB 96 should be vetoed by Gov. Brown

Click here to read the full Op-Ed in The Times of San Diego.