In Case You Missed It: "Another View: AB 1250 an attempt by unions to establish an unfair playing field"

Thursday, August 10, 2017

SACRAMENTO - When the California State Legislature reconvenes August 21, a union-sponsored bill will be heard in the Senate Appropriations Committee. Assembly Bill 1250 has already passed out of the lower house on a partisan vote. The director of Kern Behavioral Health and Recovery Services, Bill Walker, explained the devastating effects of AB 1250 for local non-profits and why it presents an 'unfair playing field' in an Op-Ed published on

Excerpted Op-Ed:

... AB 1250, if passed, would be devastating to many areas of local service delivery, especially for Kern Behavioral Health and Recovery Services, or KernBHRS. Kern County already has many requirements in place to assure fair and transparent bidding and contracting. ... AB 1250 is a bold attempt by unions to force counties and cities to grow "unionized big government" by establishing an unfair playing field, making contracting any services difficult and unnecessarily expensive. This may begin to explain why AB 1250 is favored by 30 unions while being opposed by more than 200 chambers of commerce, counties, agencies, and law enforcement departments. The bill would cripple the ability to reasonably contract for services at the county level by applying inappropriate barriers and requirements that cannot be satisfied. ...

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