In Case You Missed It: LA Times Editorial Board: “Union-backed bill would tie counties' hands on contract workers”

Friday, August 18, 2017

LA Daily News Guest Commentary:
“AB1250 threatens ability to protect at-risk youth, families in crisis”

Fox & Hounds:
“AB 1250 is Bad for Counties and for Business”

SACRAMENTO – Criticisms and opposition continues to build against Assembly Bill 1250 as more is learned about the blatant political power ploy concocted by two of state’s largest public employee unions to fatten their membership rolls and expand their clout in the Capitol.

The Los Angeles Times published an editorial condemning the proposed legislation stating that “… public labor unions are trying to get a bigger slice of the pie by prevailing on their friends in Sacramento to carry legislation that would severely limit the power of counties to contract out for services.”

Please click here to read the entire editorial in the Los Angeles Times.

The David & Margaret Youth and Family Services is a century-old orphanage serving more than 1,700 Southern California at-risk youth and family members a year.  In a guest commentary published in the Los Angeles Daily News, Charles C. Rich, the orphanage’s executive director, stated that AB 1250 “…  severely threatens the ability of organizations like ours to partner with Los Angeles County and other counties to provide essential services for the most vulnerable.”

Please click here to read the entire guest commentary in the Los Angeles Daily News.

In an Op-Ed published in Fox & Hounds, Gary Toebben, president and CEO of the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce, stated AB 1250 is “bad for counties and for businesses.” He further stated that thousands of contracts providing a multitude of services would be in jeopardy and that “… many of the current contracts that provide services to nearly 35,000 foster children under the care of L.A. County would be prohibited under AB 1250.”

Please click here to read the full Op-Ed in Fox & Hounds.

Please click here to learn more about the list of opposition against AB 1250 and what others are saying about the legislation.