What They're Saying: Los Angeles County Office of Education Opposes AB 1250

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

SACRAMENTO – Assembly Bill 1250, the power-grabbing legislation spearheaded by two of the largest public employee unions, is expected to have a negative impact on students. AB 1250 would make them vulnerable to school absenteeism, dropouts and homelessness according to the Los Angeles County Office of Education. In an opposition letter delivered to the bill’s author and members of the Senate Appropriations Committee, the Los Angeles County Superintendent of Schools states that she “must regrettably oppose AB 1250.”

Excerpted opposition letter from LACOE:

AB 1250 will have a direct, negative impact upon LACOE and services LACOE provides …

… if enacted, will limit the ability for LACOE to receive services from and/or contract directly with Los Angeles County departments and Los Angeles County service agencies that provide essential services for children, individuals and families

AB 1250 would negatively impact school attendance (students receiving reduced services are vulnerable for high school absenteeism, high school dropout, and homelessness) and innovative programs for students in Los Angeles County School districts …

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