In Case You Missed It: Op-Ed, The Sacramento Bee: "Why is state being so stingy on school bonds?"

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

SACRAMENTO – Last November, more than 55 percent of voters passed Proposition 51, a $9 billion school bond measure. Since then, the state has only authorized 4.5 percent of the funds.

The voters have spoken, and in this Op-Ed published in The Sacramento Bee, two proponents of the measure highlight the need for the state to release more funds and respect the will of the voters.

Excerpted Op-Ed:

state’s decision to sell a minimal amount this fall of school bonds – which provide a significant portion of funding for most school construction projects – is disappointing. … 55 percent of voters passed Proposition 51 last November, authorizing the state to sell $9 billion in school construction bonds. … However, the state has only authorized a bond sale for about $400 million in 2017. That’s just 4.5 percent of what voters authorized and is woefully inadequate. … Today’s need is real: 70 percent of California classrooms are more than 25 years old, and 40 percent are more than 50 years old. … An estimated $20 billion in school facilities are needed over the next decade. … Making districts wait longer will shortchange students and violate the will of voters.

Please click here to read the entire Op-Ed in the Sacramento Bee.