In Case You Missed It: San Diego Union-Tribune Joins List Opposing Assembly Bill 1250, Santa Cruz Sentinel Editorializes Opposition a Second Time

Monday, August 28, 2017

SACRAMENTO – The editorial board of the San Diego Union-Tribune joins the list of newspapers opposing Assembly Bill 1250, echoing a virtually unanimous condemnation – “This is a naked power play meant to swell the ranks of the Service Employees International Union and American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, key players in the Democratic coalition.”

Meanwhile, the editorial board of the Santa Cruz Sentinel, already on the list of opposition to Assembly Bill 1250, revisits that opposition in yet a second editorial. It again cites AB 1250 as an example of the public employee unions’ dangerous political clout in Sacramento.  

Excerpted editorial from the San Diego Union-Tribune:

... The measure would be absolutely devastating not just to county budgets but to the services they provide via hospitals and public health programs, law enforcement, fire protection, child protective services and more. In nearly all these services, contractors supplement the work of county employees. If the cost of providing such services skyrocketed, what would be the result? Far fewer services. …

Please click here to read the full editorial in the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Excerpted editorial from the Santa Cruz Sentinel:

Once again, state lawmakers are placing labor interests ahead of solving California’s serious problems.[AB 1250] would severely limit the ability of counties to contract with community-based organizations, nonprofits and other groups to provide homeless shelters, mental health care. … this is not about good policy; it’s about labor’s tight political grip on the state Capitol. …

Please click here to read the full editorial in the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

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