In Case You Missed It: "Community Voices: A sham that would hurt vulnerable and taxpayer alike"

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

SACRAMENTO – The CEO of a major nonprofit organization in the Central Valley expresses his opposition to Assembly Bill 1250 in an Op-Ed published in Stephen Schilling points out how vulnerable members of the community such as veterans, the homeless, or AIDS patients would be impacted should AB 1250 become law.

Excerpted Op-Ed:

When a homeless man is diagnosed with HIV, he needs treatment. When a teen learns she’s pregnant, she needs parenting advice. When a veteran struggles to cope, he needs behavioral health services. In the great Central Valley, thousands of residents suffering from those and other issues don’t turn to their counties for help. They rely on nonprofits like Clinica Sierra Vista to serve them, treat them and advocate on their behalf. … Backed by the powerful Service Employees International Union, AB 1250 is a brazen attempt to add union jobs to public payrolls across the state. … If the state senate passes this sham of a bill, millions of the most vulnerable Californians will suffer for it.

Please click here to read the full Op-Ed in The Bakersfield.

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