What They're Saying: District Attorneys Say No to Assembly Bill 186

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

SACRAMENTO – Sacramento Democrats want to create “government-sanctioned drug places” for eight counties in California to help drug addicts shoot up. Assembly Bill 186 would create shooting galleries where addicts could inject their heroin and fentanyl in a controlled environment, even though such activity is a clear violation of federal law.

In a letter addressed to the author of AB 186, the California District Attorneys Association expressed its concerns about public safety for the community as well as for the drug addicts themselves: 

“… we are concerned about the impact this drug activity would have on crime in the areas surrounding these sites.”

“… may become attractive targets for other criminals …”

“… an individual that participates in one of these programs could never be arrested for drug possession … “

The Office of the District Attorney of Alameda County joins the list of opposition to AB 186. In the letter, District Attorney Nancy E. O’Malley outlined her concerns to the chair of the Senate Health Committee:

AB 186 raises many significant practical concerns.”

AB 186, which is creating government-sanctioned drug places, raises tremendous liability issues for local governments …”

“… also provides immunity against drug-related offenses for individuals … but it does not specify how far this immunity would extend.”

Please click here to read the letters from the CDAA and the Office of the District Attorney of Alameda County and what others are saying about AB 186.