What They're Saying: Bishop of Faith-Based Coalition Opposes Government-Sanctioned Drug Centers

Thursday, September 7, 2017

AB 186 would create public drug centers.
Bishop Ron Allen testified in the Senate Public Safety Committee on the dangers of AB 186.
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SACRAMENTO – Bishop Ron Allen, founder, president and CEO of the International Faith Based Coalition opposes Assembly Bill 186, legislation calling for government-sanctioned drug centers. The International Faith Based Coalition represents approximately 5,000 inner city houses of worship in California, and its mission is to implement drug prevention education with a focus on educating youth.  

AB 186 would create government-sanctioned shooting galleries where addicts could inject their heroin and fentanyl in a controlled environment, even though such activity is a clear violation of federal law.

In a letter addressed to members of the State Senate, Bishop Allen highlighted his concerns:

“… permit the establishment of virtual unfettered drug use centers.”

“… these centers, just like the other marginal establishments that plague our communities will be located in our fragile, underserved neighborhoods.”

Tragically missing from this bill are any safeguards for our embattled communities.”

“… there is no real content in this measure that guides our drug user to a path of recovery.”

AB 186 has the real potential to do continued damage on our most vulnerable communities.”  

Please click here to read the letter from Bishop Allen, and click here to read what others are saying about AB 186.


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