In Case You Missed Them: Modesto Bee, CSAC Executive Director: Even with Amendments, AB 1250 Is Still Terrible Policy

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

SACRAMENTO – Even with amendments, Assembly Bill 1250 is still going to be fundamentally bad policy that will constitute a virtual ban on counties partnering with non-profits and private businesses to offer special services to the most vulnerable people in California.

In an op-ed published in the blog Fox & Hounds, Matt Cate, executive director of the California State Association of Counties, explained why even with amendments AB 1250 is still a “terrible idea.”

Excerpted op-ed:

There’s an old adage in politics that you don’t amend a bad bill. If ever that was the case, it’s true with AB 1250. … the bill continues to be opposed by nearly 500 organizations representing nonprofits and groups advocating for children, seniors, the disabled, public health, mental health and social services for the vulnerable. … There’s no fixing AB 1250.

Please click here to read the full op-ed written by Cate and published in Fox & Hounds.

The editorial board of the Modesto Bee also has a few harsh words to say about AB 1250.

Excerpted editorial:

Assembly Bill 1250 is bad policy no matter how you try to explain it.AB 1250 would also deprive thousands of people working for private firms of their jobs. Employees and volunteers of non-profits now providing life-saving or life-altering help also could be dismissed. … Simply put, this won’t work here

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