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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

LGBTQ Community Is Alarmed By Assembly Bill 1250

SACRAMENTO – Eight nonprofit centers serving the LGBTQ community, whose locations stretch from San Francisco to Palm Springs, have united to express their opposition to Assembly Bill 1250. The legislation will constitute a virtual ban on counties partnering with non-profits and businesses to offer special services to the most vulnerable people in California.

In a letter addressed to members of the California Legislative LGBT Caucus, they’ve outlined how AB 1250 would impact the LGBTQ community:

“… we are alarmed at the onerous provisions of AB 1250.”

“… restricts counties’ ability to engage our services without boosting real accountability.”

“… AB 1250 distorts how decisions should be made about providing critical services for our communities.”

“… vote no on AB 1250, and help steward an effort to find common ground on solutions that balance the interests of government employees, the role of nonprofits in communities, and the needs of LGBTQ Californians.”

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